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German Born multi lingual artist with an Imaginative, Energetic, Positive, Extra-Ordinary world view 


Creative Designer, Innovative Thinker, Excellent Writer, Driven Researcher, Adept Problem solver 


Independent Artist and Design Consultant                                                                                        1980 until now

Creating large abstract oil paintings, drawings and print media. Designing wearable works of art out of fabric, precious metals and gemstones. Actively involved as a design consultant for remodeling residential kitchen and bath spaces. Served as project manager and design coordinator for remodel of commercial condominium communal area. 

Owner, Rego Art Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska                                                                                          2011 - 2013

Conceived and created alternative work and gallery space showcasing creative arts and artists.


Advertising and Marketing Consultant, Bellevue Leader News, Nebraska                                               1990 - 1992

developed and sold ads, created artwork, layouts and wrote copy for local advertisers. 

Jewelry Designer, Goldsmith Silversmith, Omaha, Nebraska                                                                  1985 - 2010

Designed custom jewelry for clients, assisted with purchase of various jewelry lines and management of the shop, planned sales events, created brochures, flyers and invitations.


Cultural Arts Chair, Leonard Lawrence Elementary School, Bellevue, Ne.                                               1984 - 1988


Bellevue University - Bachelor of Arts, Studio Art, Magna Cum Laude 1989-1991


Mainframe Studios, Des Moines, la. 2019 -2021/ Moxie Art Gallery, Des Moines la. 2016 - 2017/ Bemis Art Center, Omaha, Ne 2014/Jackson Artworks, Omaha Nebraska/ Nebraska Women's Art Caucus/Commission on the Status of Women, Lincoln, Ne./ Lenora Worchester Gallery, Omaha, Ne./Hitchcock Gallery, Bellevue, Ne./ Neue Gallerie, Ramstein, Germany 

References Available Upon Request

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